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Convenience Store

Convenience Store

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C & E Enterprises, Hieb’s Cenex & Curt’s Cycle Center



Gas Station, Convenience Store, Dairy Queen and Honda Dealership

Casey’s General Store

Our Mission
To provide quality products at competitive prices with courteous service in clean stores at convenient locations.
To provide a work environment where employees are treated with respect, dignity and honesty, and where high performance is expected and rewarded.
Our Values

Positive – We believe a positive attitude and a passion for excellence can achieve anything.

Polite – We believe treating everyone with dignity and respect, the way that we all want to be treated, is simply the right thing to do.

Professional – We believe in integrity and self-discipline; knowing and doing what is right, is the heart of our great team.

Proud – We believe in our purpose to make the daily lives of our customers and our community better.

North Park “C”  Store



Gas Station, quickstop, convenience